Linc Smart Walkie-Talkie MotoMod™

Concept for Moto Z smartphones

The first smart walkie-talkie to seamlessly mount to your smartphone (Available for Moto Z smartphones and any Bluetooth enable device)

Retractable Antenna
Volume Control
Push-to-talk Button
Independent loudspeaker

How It Works

Linc seamlessly mounts to any Moto Z smartphone or any Bluetooth enable device. Once mounted or connected, the Linc app automatically launches and instantly allows full access to all walkie-talkie functions such as text message, GPS locations sharing, channel selections, Radio-Over-Internet mode, VOX, and much more.

Unlike other devices, Linc is able to communicate with walkie-talkies from other manufacturers

Talk and text without cellular service

Internal battery allows hours of talk time without using your smartphone battery

Radio-Over-Internet technology extends walkie-talkie range to anywhere around the world

Text message your family or friends one-to-one or broadcast a message to any user within range

Internal loud speaker makes sure you never have a prolem hearing your friends or family

Retractable antenna

Talk and Text range up to 5 miles. (Selectable power 1/2 watt, 1 watt, and 2 watt available)

Perfect whether it is manufacturing, retail, security, education, mining, event planning and many more.

Peer-to-peer positioning, which allows you to broadcast your location coordinates so you appear on your fellow users screens.

Perfect for hiking, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, ATV'ing, and more outdoor fun

Operates on UHF (400-480Mhz) FRS/GMRS and 70 cm (420-450 MHz) band

Modular Walkie-Talkie Development

Fantom Dynamics has been developing modular walkie-talkie technology for the past 4 years. Starting with the original prototype based on a universal case to mount the walkie-talkie to any phone. Along with designing and being an official Project Ara module partner. We then decided to miniaturize the radio even further and partnered with nexpaq (still in development) to introduce the smallest walkie-talkie on the market

Motorola Transform your Smartphone Challenge

We have now been chosen by Motorola to participate in the "Transform your Smartphone Challenge." We were honored to have our vision accepted into the challenge. We now are looking to further introduce our vision and products to many Moto Z smartphone users. We hope to bring in a new era of two-way radio communication.
“Moto Mods™ snap onto any Moto Z to give it a whole new superpower. They transform your phone allowing it to do things other phones can’t. To learn more visit”

Linc Smart Walkie-Talkie MotoMod™ Concept for Moto Z smartphones

Linc can also be a great tool to add to your disaster preparedness kit. With the ability to transform your smartphone into an independent communication tool,
you will always stay connected during an emergency.

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